National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Plant Certification

Idaho Precast is proud to be one of only a few Certified Precast Plants npca_cert_plant_logoin Idaho. Through this certification program, we receive many benefits that are passed on to our customers. Some of these benefits include:

  • The Plant Certification Program assists management in achieving excellence in plants and operations. When an inspector enters a plant, he brings with him the experience of observing many other precast plants across the United States. A plant benefits from insights on how to improve processes, efficiency and products.
  • The Plant Certification Program assures a uniformly high degree of excellence in plant facilities, production, processes and quality control operations.
  • On projects where the NPCA Plant Certification Program is specified, one standard of quality is set for all precast concrete products, effectively leveling the playing field for all plants wishing to supply products to the project.
  • The program creates additional opportunities for plants – and the precast industry as a whole – by showing their commitment to produce high-quality precast concrete products. The users and specifiers of these products also benefit because they can easily identify and select high-quality precast-concrete manufacturers.
  • Provides recognition for plants that strive for and achieve a high degree of excellence. A certified plant stands out among plants wishing to supply products to a particular project.